Rodriguez Another goal is to make sure that Gizmo is relatively cheap – under $ 1,000 – and constructed with many easy to replace parts so that mass produced mass produced. In this way, almost any police Firefighters and other emergency service agencies they could buy off the shelf. If a Gizmo is destroyed in the line of duty, it .

May someday to Lives except for emergenciesWhen Javier Rodriguez Molina visited the Atocha Train Station Memorial in Madrid last summer, the Barcelona native felt a great sadness for the victims of 11 March 2004 Madrid bombings. But he also felt some hope that his advanced emergency technology can work at the University of California, San Diego rescue a few days living in similar disasters. – Caused police, firefighters and other emergency personnel for natural disasters or man-made disasters may someday save more lives with the help of ‘Gizmo’, an advanced mobile wireless communications device.Be In a doctor to be able to effective treatment for effective treatment it is essential that he / she tell if a viral or bacterial a viral or bacterial meningitis Unfortunately the symptoms are very similar One patient with viral meningitis often. Fully recover within a few weeks ago, whereas with of bacterial meningitis extends constitute a serious risk of brain injury, hearing loss and even death.

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