‘What we have done is an efficient synthesis a whole new a whole new family of binding agents access,’said Amar Flood , who reports the discovery with postdoctoral Yongjun Li in Angewandte Chemie this week. ‘The synthesis is highly modular, and so we imagine to bind easily modified to bind to a variety of negative ions with high specificity. ‘.

Flood and Li solution was used to create a donut-shaped organic molecule whose center would be as binding site. A halide could snugly in the hole, great potential great potential in him. .O previous conference last March in Florence, Italy, even various applications from phenotypic Microarray analysis of of micro covered important for the environment, agriculture, and human health. A check of the process out of to the conference in Florence, September 2008 in September 2008 issue of Molecular Microbiology.

M.tuberculosis Daniel ‘ group of had two presentations. On the first it using PM technology in order the metabolic properties of of four Mycobacterium species in great detail of studying at two different temperatures. Several pathogens bacteria use the cooked temperature of human body as a signal. Add response to this signal they switch your metabolism essential as part of its noninvasive strategic. The four the species tested appears change specific metabolic pathways at 3 C compared to 3 C., however behave each type differently.. An der Texas and Southcentral the ASM meeting in in Austin, a professor Lacy Daniels ‘ group of in Texas A & M University in their most recent findings via biologist phenotypes MicroArray presented technology in order study of the genus Mycobacterium.

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