Sarkar agreed. ‘Alcohol – preferring rats have an altered light response in their central clock, and alcoholic humans have abnormality in the expression of genes the biological the period clock adjust, ‘We can not say that the people have to drink genetically predisposed by their circadian rhythmicity, but one could interpret the data, that when an individual ‘s biological clock is not functioning properly, they motivation motivation to consume more alcohol have increased read . ‘.

In summary, said Sarkar, showing new discoveries in the emerging field of Chronobiology of alcohol abuse that alcohol consumption has long-term adverse effects to the body ‘s internal clock, the circadian rhythm is changed by rotating shift work and travel across time zones, the tendency of alcohol increase drinking behavior, and that chronic alcohol consumption may increase the risk for insomnia, depression, weakened immune system to increase function and increased incidence of certain cancers.

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Singapore State Minister for Foreign Affairs Balaji Sadasivan Monday regional health authorities regional health conference that the world is losing the battle against HIV / AIDS and that the countries of not be distracted by other health threats such as bird flu reports Agence France Presse. ‘While we profound concern at the bird flu and the risk of an avian influenza pandemic, let us not forget HIV / AIDS, ‘Sadasivan said, adding that the world ‘losing the battle to check ‘HIV / AIDS. The efforts to HIV / AIDS have ‘only partially effective ‘, and the time is ‘running out’such the number of the HIV-positive people ‘to rise,’said Sadasivan (Agence France Presse put, Singapore later this year, the efforts of coordinate HIV / AIDS Asian fight when it tells which ASEAN Task Force on of AIDS loungers, Singapore Today Sadasivan said. ‘We must re – consider out our whole notion on how we control HIV and see Agence France Presse measures we have to make, ‘and added,’I am thinking and to discuss implementation as one region might be more effective than implementation from land state because HIV. Not stop at at the border. ‘There are more than 2,852 people with HIV / AIDS in Singapore now reports (Today, higher the number of newly diagnosed HIV cases in the country 237 in 2001 exceeding 350 in 2006, Agency France-Presse reports (Agence ,.

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