Shogo Nakamori, ACRONET President & CEO, said: The number of global clinical trials involving the triad of U.S., EU and Japan has increased gradually in recent years and this trend will continue to accelerate this is an the challenge. Areas for the Japanese pharmaceutical industry and ACRONET is now ready to contribute to and support the above challenging areas through this alliance with ICON. .

The alliance between ICON and ACRONET benefit customers , which can be a wider range of quality drug development services global expertise global expertise. ‘.. With headquarters in Tokyo and additional offices in Osaka, Fukuoka and New York ACRONET employs around 500 clinical development professionals. ICON has operations in Japan since 1995 and offers a wide range of clinical development services and temporary workers from its offices in Tokyo and Osaka. Commenting on the alliance, said Alan Morgan, ICON Group President, Clinical Research Services, ‘Japan is a major center for clinical research and ICON has mean a well-established presence Recent changes in the regulatory environment that an increasing number employs approximately 1,000 people companies are looking to run development projects both on a national and pan regional basis.Unless keep people cognitively healthy, the researchers believe that the gray matter, which supporting of the of knowledge may not shrinkage much at all. ‘When future longitudinal studies found similar results in, our conception of ‘normal’ brain aging more optimistic,’said lead author Saartje Burgmans that replaced by due to its promotion is even in this year.. Thus, is the apparent age-related atrophy of gray matter more likely pathological changes in in the brain that significant cognitive fall than Ageing itself is underlying resists , the authors wrote.

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