Because the MTHFR gene product plays a role in maintaining the cell pool of methionine, silencing of MTHFR is global global hypomethylation, a phenomenon almost everywhere observed in was has one of the gene promoter overlooked associated hypermethylation, Herceg said. – Coexist in all tumors and can contribute to tumor development and progression through different mechanisms Both global hypomethylation and hypermethylation, he said. The researchers say that these two processes likely reinforce each other. Global hypomethylation associated with MTHFR inactivation contributes to the development of cancer by destabilizing the chromosome and activating oncogenes..

A new study in the current Journal of the American Society of published hypertension shows that the treatment of high blood pressure olmesartan medoxomil was reversal of narrowing of the arteries in patients with hypertension in patients with hypertension effectively. The study was titled VIOS a year explorative study, the effects of an angiotensin receptor blocker , a beta-blocker vs. On vascular function and structure in patients with stage 1 hypertension, independent of the blood pressure lowering effects of these agents .Is objective carotid artery disease treatment sufficient blood flow in the region of the artery, the restore is blocked and the fatty acid, for stabilizing plaque by plaque rupture the embolic debris that into to create of a stroke prevented. Patient with severe common carotid clogging is TradChinese having carotid endarterectomy, world-class pharmaceuticals procedure in which the arteries is opened and the plaque away has been treated.

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