Some of the major players in the health care debate in news articles Featured Today.of five days. Device Aims To reduce stroke damageStroke researchers at the Methodist Neurological Institute in Houston are the only ones in Texas, a new device that acute stroke treatment acute stroke treatment window from three hours to 24 may offer .

The trial, called impact-24 , a multicenter, randomized, double-blind study is held in the next two years. Methodist is one of six sites in the United States to offer this feasibility study. When positive, the positive, the Food and Drug Administration study expand more patients in the U.S. Are.

The National Salt Reduction Initiative, a New York City-led partner on cities, states and national sanitary organization its its proposed objectives are, the voluntary reduction lead of the salt concentration of packaged and restaurant foods. Americans spend about twice the recommended limit from saline per day – widely blood pressure and Rank million in hazard on heart attacks and stroke – in a manner that that they can not manage on her own. Only 11 percent of sodium into Americans food is from your own Salt Spreaders, almost 80 percent be added to foods before they become sold. By a year of technical consulting of food an industry leader, the National Salt Reduction Initiative designed concrete targets to businesses. In reducing the salt content of in 61 Category of packaged food and 25 class of meal in the restaurant Some popular items already comply with these goals – a clear indication, 1 much lower sodium levels food as even enjoying the consumer.

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