Chemoradiation in advanced neck and head cancers Advanced cancer in the top and neck is certainly treated with surgery followed by radiotherapy traditionally. Surgery generally entails removal of areas like the voice box, or part of the throat, resulting in speaking and swallowing complications. Because of these unwanted effects, many patients refuse medical procedures cialis générique . In a scholarly study to be offered at the 2007 AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting & OTO EXPO, a novel treatment for chemoradiation, using the generic drug Paclitaxel together with radiotherapy, has shown superior results to other anticancer medicines found in chemoradiation with fewer side effects. The analysis comprised 94 previously untreated patients with tumor of the top and neck who had been treated with concomitant chemoradiation over a three-year period in a medical college hospital.

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Other authors are MIT graduate student Justin Kim, UIUC chemistry professor Paul Hergenrother and UIUC graduate college student Karen Morrison. Enhancing nature’s design Many of the compounds tested in this study, referred to as epipolythiodiketopiperazine alkaloids, are naturally produced by fungi. Scientists believe these compounds help fungi prevent other organisms from encroaching on the territory. In the process of synthesizing ETP natural basic products in their laboratory, the MIT researchers produced many similar compounds that they suspected might also have anti-malignancy activity.

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