Team of cardiologistsspital begins landmark study, more patients for bi – ventricular pacing identifyingA team of cardiologists were given to Good Hope Hospital funded a study in which they hope that many patients demonstrate with heart failure start, could ventricular from benefit bi – pacemaker. Good Hope Hospital is already a leading national center for the implantation of biventricular pacing in patients with heart failure before having sex . Since 2000, the team of cardiologists is the life-saving equipment has been more than 380 people. Now the doctors begin groundbreaking research they hopefully prove that many the device. The device.

Dr Fransico Leyva, the cardiologist research world leader, said: During our research, we provide patients with heart failure cardiac magnetic resonance imaging as well as ECG, MRI allows us to in in too much detail, and this imbalance. To recognize between the contraction of the left and right ventricle.

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Logistic regressions were carried out for determining if persisted insomnia has been prospective with an increased hazard the remaining depressed and / or achieving below 50 % clinical improvement of by six and 12 months when compared with the no wakefulness the reference group associated. The intermediate product insomnia the two other groups the other two groups to determine if dose and effect relationship among insomnia where type of and subsequent recess.

Protecting effect for Omega -3 fatty acids of breast cancer does not universaltoo confirmed the study authors that other studies in North America and European countries carried out of the absence of association between omega 3 fatty acids for the major source of nutrition being the inclusion of the fish and a risk of breast cancer. , among other things a protecting effect for Omega -3 fatty acids breast has clearly of Asian countries, where fish consumption much higher than Europe or was in North America, able this protective effect can not be measured in this high-powered French study, likely to be significantly for reduce per head excise by fishing.

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