This research shows that myocardial contrast echocardiography can accurately diagnose life-threatening heart diseases, reduce unnecessary hospital admissions and reduce patient cost-sharing. On the 18th contrast agent can be used in this study, is currently used to enhance ultrasound image quality. FDA approval for use of these contrast agents to evaluate blood flow to the heart muscle pending.. Test for Chest Pain identifies potential Heart Attack Victims, reducing hospital admissions and reduces patient costsSEATTLE, June – Research published today on the 18th Annual Scientific Sessions of the American Society of Echocardiography reported that contrast echocardiography, a cardiac ultrasound study is performed with a small intravenous injection of an ultrasound patients to patients separate low-risk and non-life threatening chest pain from those who experienced a heart attack can be used.

Traditional cardiac ultrasound continues to be the best test of identifying many anomalies remain in the heart. However, it would be able the blood flow the blood flow to the heart muscle by the use a contrast agent, in addition to define anomalies to be a breakthrough for the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease. Low-risk structural abnormalities, pumping function of the heart and blood flow to the heart muscle, a stress test with cardiac ultrasound with contrast agent allows doctors to diagnose and treat more diabetics with previously unknown blockages of the heart arteries.Of golimumab develop from Centocor and Schering-Plough and a fully human anti – TNF-alpha IgG1 monoclonal antibody that aim and neutralized both soluble and membrane-bound form of TNF-alpha. Golimumab was for administration for administration either by subcutaneous injection or by intravenous infusion.

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