Another cow found with Mad Cow disease in Canada Canadian officials say another full case of Mad Cow disease has been within a dairy cow in British Columbia. The company says it has the carcass of the animal and no part of it got entered the individual food or pet feed systems. That is Canada’s tenth case of mad cow disease in it’s cattle since 2003, and may be the second in under 90 days. Related StoriesResearch displays how prion-like proteins critical for preserving long-term memoriesTSRI researchers discover novel system involved in Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and ALSScientists suggest that Alzheimer's disease ought to be treated separatelyIn April this past year another B.C. Dairy cow was found to possess mad cow disease, which the food inspection company said was due to contaminated feed.The CPhI Creativity Awards give companies the chance to showcase the very best of their R&D initiatives and are widely recognized as premier awards in neuro-scientific worldwide pharmaceutical manufacturing. This season had a particularly strong number and quality of entries and the six shortlisted businesses spanned a wide range of topics, from biopolymers to colours and coatings. On accepting the award, Dr. Muir said, ‘The area of circulation chemistry is very exciting at the moment, and we were happy with the curiosity and number of queries about the CaMWave technology following a demonstration and throughout CPhI.’ The CF-MAOS technology represents a dual technical breakthrough, allowing both scale-up of microwave-assisted chemistry and the handling of heterogeneous mixtures in continuous-flow.

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