The 2007 HIV / AIDS Implementers ‘ Meeting in Kigali, with loudspeakers with speakers calling on the participants to continue the fight against the disease, communities reach with appropriate care and treatment programs and provide HIV-positive people with employment opportunities, VOA News reports (Majtenyi, VOA News, More than 2,000 delegates attended the four-day conference , organized by the Rwandan government and organizes other by the Presidents Emergency plan for AIDS Relief and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Organizers including UNAIDS, the World Bank, UNICEF and the World Health Organization (Kaiser Daily HIV / AIDS Report, Rwandan First Lady Jeanette Kagame, the conference concluded on Tuesday and called upon African governments and societies taboos with HIV / AIDS are connected, address, increase discourage unsafe sex practices and prevention in children, you also said that the conference should continue to fight HIV / AIDS stigma and discrimination read more . ‘Too often we work to protect to protect the reputation of the rich and say that they are dead or suffer from diseases other than AIDS, ‘Kagame said, adding: ‘But at the same time, we are fast becoming the poor as irresponsible to judge? when it makes victims of this scourge. AIDS no social judgments, so why do we? AIDS has no impact on families based on their economic prosperity, so why should we ‘.

In addition, several speakers during the conference promoted efforts for HIV / AIDS programs and services relevant to the people they want to reach and make the local communities in the creation and implementation of these programs (VOA News.


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