The approach they used, called transcriptome induced phenotype remodeling or Tiper differs from the induced pluripotent stem approach, with that host cells dedifferentiated not to a pluripotent state and then growth factors redifferentiated the target cell type.

Used Tiper RNA populations , to direct the DNA in the host nucleus of the cell to that of the target cell type, in order to modify the RNA populations in turn changes the phenotype of the cell.: 11.15 Acceleron ACE-031 Preclinical study results the treatment of loss of muscle mass and functions.

Acceleron Pharma, a biopharmaceutical company developing novel therapeutics which modulation growth of cells and tissues including red blood cell, bone, and muscles , today famous, is be three presentations for data from ACE-031 program at the Endocrine Society ninety first Annual meeting in Washington, DC on 10 to 13 Jun. Providing 2009. The presentations provides results known from preclinical studies the the effects of its advantage investigational drug for treatment of diseases for which of the loss of muscle mass and feature. – The treatment with a soluble shape of Activin Receptor Type IIB Enhances the activity of estrogen deficient in Lean, bold and bone Date of: Wednesday, June 2009 Session Time: 11.15 clock Room: 154AB, Walter E.

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