The brain widely used to encode electric signals and convey information. Changes to this electrical activity is likely underpin age-related changes in cognitive abilities. In this way,searchers studied the brain electrical activity , by recording electrical signals in individual cells of the hippocampus, a structure having a critical role in cognitive function vibramycin . In this way, in what is called ‘neuronal excitability ‘this is this is a key word, how easy it is a short a short, but very large electrical signals as action potentials, they occur in virtually all nerve cells and are absolutely necessary for communication within all circuits of the nervous system.

A member of of the Working Group, Assistant Professor Yoshihisa Tachibana, managed into electrical signals in monkey basal ganglia neurons receive under anesthetized conditions. The group found that neurons in the basal ganglia, Parkinson abnormal ‘ oscillatory activity that showed only rarely in healthy subjects revealed. Disorders. Rhythm by systemic administration by systemic administration of a dopamine precursor , which is used clinically for human Parkinson’s disease. The group considered that the loss of dopamine vibrations induced in the basal ganglia , and that the following information flow faults in engine commands affect engine performance. Abnormal neural oscillations have been reported in Parkinson’s disease patients and animal models, but this report has provided direct evidence that vibrations associated with motor disorders. Moreover, it was also shown that. Injection of a chemical inhibitor, muscimol, in the subthalamic nucleus, the oscillation signals brought to silence and finally reversed Parkinson motor signs Professor Nambu says: oscillating By examining the nature of the electrical signals in the basal ganglia, we can use our understanding of the pathophysiology of Parkinson’s disease, we promote improved motor deficits by infusion of the chemical inhibitor . In the subthalamic nucleus to silence them, the swinging signals in the brain structure. This can provide us. Important clues to the development of new therapies for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

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This vaccine is to be examined provide comprehensive protection against a variety of different influenza isolates by clicking a cellular response that destroys virus in the lungs before they can breed enough for cause serious illnesses. This vaccine strategy is new because it is expected the immune response fully reactivated a couple infected has been infected according to a seeded person. This immune response would be help then to clear lung cells infected with the influenza viruses more quickly. $ 211 000 All available influenza vaccine based on their capability of inducing antibody for limiting infection with influenza , but are become ineffective if the viral seeks changes in a new Revision the vaccine tested at making the body’s immune system. Killer cells programming in that Share of virus which do not change from one generation of against Virus not for the next target. We believe that these killer be activated to cancel the bird flu virus before it fatal planar achieved with animals and already evidences that these happen. .

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