Collaborative applied research is very valuable for us, informs our commercial services to businesses. It also works the other way, with commercial work to help support and inform our research. .. The Centre has an impressive client list, with long-standing relationships with blue chip companies such as Unilever, Stiefel, Proctor & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Smith & Nephew and 3M wound care – and is now trying cooperation co-operation activities with commercial partners. – ISO 17025 accreditation is testament to the quality of our laboratory and provide us with an when talking to when talking to potential customers, said Center Director Dr. Richard Bojar. We examine the different ways in which we can develop our services for the pharmaceutical, personal product and personal care industries.

By David L. Benefit mothers, children under the age of 12 – appearing home visits by nurses during pregnancy and the child’s infancy to mothers to improve the life of course, the number of behavior problems decrease in children and government spending in aid programs over 12 years, according to two reports in the special issue .‘Our ongoing pre study shows that reovirus of is a range of mechanisms through which kills them melanoma cell lines and tumors of,’said Dr. Brad Thompson, President and CEO of Oncolytics. ‘This most recent works provides extra support of our coming Stage II melanoma trial with the U.S. National Cancer Institute. Forward looking statements Oncolytics Biotech Inc.

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