The children with H1N1 influenza were older than those admitted for seasonal flu, with a lot more presented on the age of 5 years , many children with fever and cough, with or without additional symptoms and 37 percent had gastrointestinal symptoms such as vomiting and / or diarrhea, the median duration of hospital stay for both H1N1 and seasonal influenza was 4 days vardenafil levitra 20mg . ‘The most striking result of our study was the high prevalence of asthma in children with pandemic H1N1 influenza compared with those admitted in previous influenza seasons,’Dr. Upton Allen from The Hospital for Sick Children and co-authors. ‘Asthma has been identified as major risk factor for admission with pandemic H1N1 influenza, in 21 percent-30 percent in the larger samples.’. .

This much large amounts of money has have gathered performed Thanks to its activities of millions of school children for the support of the French German Ministry of Science, which generosity on of all donors. To this success. From our partners and ambassadors out of Zidane and Florent Pagny be appealed lead contribution to this success.

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