The principal concern of the FDA may be the possibility of customers not being able to understand the symbols, which can bring about an unsafe usage of the product. The disadvantages of rules are that they raise the cost of the products and delay their launch in the industry market. In addition, along with the execution of regulations comes more administrative functions such as paperwork, registration and approvals. Nevertheless, overbearing these drawbacks, companies complying with these regulations will gain better usage of more geographic markets, and thus see an increase on the market and production worth of their compliant products.Can new glow-in-dark ‘frankenkitties’ stop AIDS? Can glow-in-the-dark cats help conquer AIDS? Researchers have developed three cats with a gene which makes their cells glow green when subjected to UV light and are hopeful that the fluorescent felines will quickness development of strategies to prevent HIV/Helps in humans as well as a related disease that strikes cats. To produce the frankenkitties, scientists at the Mayo Clinic inserted into cat egg cells a gene that protects cells against disease with the feline immunodeficiency virus . To keep an eye on the ‘rhesus macaque restriction element’ gene, they inserted a jellyfish gene that makes the cells glow green.

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