The EAU working with Europa UOMO, a European advocacy movement for the fight against prostate cancer .Several national urological societies in Europe have committed to participate in the Urology Week with a special program. The EAU would involve urological nurses associations and patient organizations as well. Hospitals and medical institutions are invited so involved that the patient is achieved.

Scientists explain the cell transplantation in rats conducted an improvement both in the histological damage and in the hepatic function, as shown by the enzymatic activities of alanine transaminase, alkaline phosphatase, gamma-glutamyl caused transpherase and lactate dehydrogenase, and the concentrations of total direct bilirubin. Current treatment for terminal liver failure is a liver transplant. However, this method is limited by the lack of donor organs. Additionally, there are currently no specific treatment of fibrosis, the liver caused by many diseases. The development of such alternatives is therefore a key objective for present research to improve suffering in many patients.

Yale will start Global Health InitiativeIn an ambitious efforts for further Yale involvement into of global health, President Dick C. Levin announced today launched of the Yale Global Health Initiative. The purpose of new initiative is lots of global many global health care efforts around campus encourage innovative educational programs to meet growing interest of the students in the global health political to raise and to stimulate and to support faculty research to healthcare in the world enhance. Education, research and guide: – With the foundation support of the Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies at Yale University, of Yale Global Health Initiative will focus on three objectives. Initial pedagogical effort will which developing a new graduate certificate program to of global health on MacMillan and centers, expands courses offered to Yale College and Graduate School, Russian Federation placements and project in global health.

By Dr. Alzheimer in Drug Research, UKRecent research suggests that the medication CPHPC successfully interferes the construction of amyloid the brains of individuals with Alzheimer and no side effects.

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