The findings carry the knowledge of air pollution and its effects on health a notch deeper, said an expert. This is one of the first studies in which reported reported in a position to separate independent effect of both particulate matter and ozone, said lead researcher Michael Jerrett, an associate professor of Environmental Health Sciences at the School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley. In fine, we see effects very strongly for cardiovascular mortality such as heart attack and stroke, and for ozone, in in respiratory deaths. .

.. The variables they were selected for the populations of countries and regions of receiving and transmitting of people, the trend over time, and the distance between the locations. Then indicator variables to differences in how nations report their data and used off-the – shelf computer software to estimate coefficients of a mathematical model of migration patterns. – Our model makes about 60 % of the variation in the annual number of immigrants from a country or region to another, based on historic data, and nothing has come close to, says Cohen.Researchers have also viewed three separate diseases. Ten % also had of pulmonary disease, 14 % also had Krebs, and 55 per cent of and did arthritis.. Overall, the researchers that 39 % of least one condition, of the damage, diabetes, the small vessels and hence to nerves self-monitoring instantaneous and kidneys may be had resulted in. ‘the microvascular ‘to often emphasized in diabetes management plan. Meanwhile, 81 % of had at least one of ‘macrovascular ‘problem be exacerbated or caused partly by diabetes, including hypertension, coronary heart disease, an history of on a stroke or mini – stroke or heart failure.

To the competing requests of the simultaneous chronic diseases lead people to neglected that self-care steps be have the greatest impact in the long run, say Kerr For example, if a person with diabetes has arthritis pain or. Dyspnea in heart failure, and they are not fully taken into account, then the person from physical activities to renounce. And it means that they are fighting to Navigate her blood sugar and blood pressure the is important issues such issues such as strokes.

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