(San Francisco Chronicle.. However, the for Mifepristone vocation four sepsis deaths among users; be updated Drug LabelingFDA Advisory FDA has advised doctors antibiotics antibiotics immediately to women mifepristone mifepristone and the symptoms of Clostridium sordelli have infection, including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and weakness, said Galson. However, the agency advises against prescribing antibiotics for all patients to use the mifepristone because outweighs the risk associated with the use of antibiotics the very low risk of bacterial infection after Galson (Harris, New York Times, Galson said it was less than one per per 100,000 users of mifepristone and added: There is no alarm bells go off, because this rate but we are watching very closely.

Transplant rejection drug holds promise for inflammatory eye diseasesprevent to immunosuppressant mycophenolate mofetil, the rejection of transplanted hearts, kidneys and livers, may also be effective in the control inflammatory diseases of the eye, according to a study by researchers at Johns Hopkins ‘ Wilmer Eye Institute. – The drug to be effective even in patients who appeared to have failed treatment from other immunosuppressive drugs, says lead author Jennifer E. Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology.Co. – investigator at the trial include Emily Tobey, Donna Thal, Who Eisenberg, Nae – Yuh Wang, Alexandra Quittner, Nancy Fink, MPH.

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