The global roll-out of pneumococcal vaccines in developing countries began in December 2010, when Nicaragua introduced the vaccine into its routine program with GAVI support. Since then, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Honduras, Democratic Republic of Congo, the Central African Republic, Cameroon, Burundi and Ethiopia have introduced this year and Malawi on 12 November begin – World Pneumonia Day.

This progress is thanks to GAVI donors and the development of the Advance Market Commitment , an innovative finance mechanism pioneered by GAVI. U.S. $ from Italy, the United Kingdom, the Russian Federation, Norway and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation , the AMC promotes the acceleration of production capacity of the producers currently produces pneumococcal vaccines. June 2011, donors commits 4 so that GAVI children children faster than planned and to accelerate the introduction of new vaccines.The scientists partially attributed to the legal systems of some Latin American countries, printing the family and society, and celebrities examples ‘ to approval of c-sections on the increasing rate on perform.. The number of the cesareans performed per year in developing countries is rising and at a higher risk to a higher risk of health complications and death women and children, for a study at the May 23 online edition of the magazine Lancet, VOA News reports was published. World Health Organization researchers Jose Villarreal and his colleagues examined dates on 97,065 delivery over three months over three months, in 120 public, private and social security schemes hospitals in Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Paraguay and Peru.

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