The health center, but clean and fairly spacious, lacks some necessities. ‘We have electricity,’Margarida Cambinda, director of public health, said the center ‘But this morning we went out and we have a generator a generator. ‘.

Complicated pregnancies sent to larger hospitals in Luanda, the clinic is not able to handle it, but the transportation of patients is sometimes difficult. ‘We are an ambulance, but it’s pretty old, ‘said Cambinda:. ‘It’s not very reliable – 1 day it works, the other is if it does not work, we need the women with candongeiro or a cab ‘Send, she explained.Sabine Naess? north on findings which are presented in her thesis.. Bulimia mental illness a mental illness who cognitive therapy cognitive behavioral therapy . Thesis thesis out of Karolinska Institutet in Sweden displays, however, that of state, in certain cases, a hormonal imbalance which can be corrected with ordinary oral contraception, ‘We have shown that one third of of the female bulimics metabolic illnesses, the occur this of the an eating disorder can This interference can in specific cases expression hormonal constitution of the patient, instead of each mental disorder, ‘said Dr.

The result was that desire for reduced fat and sugars, as well as the feeling of hunger, into about half of the bulimics according to as short a period as the three months the treating. Three topics were completely free of the an eating disorder as a consequence of treatment of. This a very powerful effect hormonal treatment is well CBT cognitive behavioral the treatment, says Dr. Naess s? – doctoral thesis: endocrine and metabolic disorders to bulimic female and implications antiandrogen treatment of by S. Naess n, Department of Woman and Child Health?.

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