The meeting addressed Perko and Stutzer sadness companioning to always learn to know each other, to listen, reflect, react, and participate in the individual physically, mentally and verbally levitra bivirkning . They presented practical ideas to nurses developing their own developing their own ‘toolkit ‘as they learn and remember the art of being a child and their family at the end of life. ‘We need both the science and art of nursing care for children and their families at the end of life care Do not hesitate in providing pediatric palliative care ‘thinking ‘communication is the cornerstone of in the planning and the care of children and their families. Your presence is a gift that you can offer for families at the end of life, ‘Perko and Stutzer concluded.

Previous studies have shown that the management of interpersonal processes or problems, constantly constantly faced is factors factors that target the health of teacher. Teachers’ health care needs to improve social and emotional skills. For this purpose, a group of German investigators has a manual program includes 10 sessions developed. The program focuses on five themes dealing with stress biology, reflection and managing human relationships. The objective of this study was to evaluate the impact of these psychic groups. Teachers two two types of schools ‘ primary school ‘ and high school participating in 3 neighboring school districts in southwestern Germany invitations to our intervention program. All teachers stated interest were in the intervention program at random either to the intervention group or control group assigned to. The intervention group participated in a training program , which lasted 1 year. The control group participated in the intervention study in the following year. To describe mental health mental health of the teacher sample and possible effects of the intervention with the General Health Questionnaire -12 and the SCL-27, a short version of the SCL-90 – R, both in their German versions, used were. applied both times before the intervention and 12 months after the intervention at the end of of the school year. The intervention program consisted of 10 group sessions of 90 min each. The manual 5 modules 5 modules dealing with the following topics: basic knowledge of stress physiology and the effects of interpersonal relationships on health parameters and Jacobson relaxation training, attitudes, particularly with regard to issues of authenticity and identification , competence in dealing with relationships with students, competence in dealing with relationships with parents, strengthening of collegiality and social support among the staff . To analyze the impact of our intervention program, the investigators compared the intervention and control group in terms of the changes that the scales of the the scales of the two inventories . Although these results several analyzes of variance GHQ repeated measures general linear model with the statistical analysis program SPSS (version 15.

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