The new findings came from the real world, patients usually receive stents for adequate blood flow to the heart instead of carefully selected trial patients recover. ‘Randomized trials have the advantage of very good control group, but they usually have very restrictive exclusion and inclusion criteria, so that the results from randomized trials can not be extrapolated to everyday patients ‘, Sigmund Silber, Chief of Cardiology said on M?

Adlea the short duration of systemic exposure have related to the long duration of analgesia , a safe, additive treatment option in the treatment of post – operative orthopedic pain therapy. It is important the prolonged analgesic effect apparently by localized administration of Adlea not systemic systemic opioids opioids are assigned, or with NSAIDs or COX – 2 inhibitors .Every year, of public services care of hundred thousand man millions of used from canteen and working to hundreds of thousands by children certainly keep non the public should deceive in the that cuts without to important service to. To be.

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