The new map also contains some surprises.So, the researchers found that on average, each of us cause 250 to 300 genetic changes that a gene may not function properly, which confirms 180 people. None of us has a ‘perfect’genome. Another surprise was that each person carries 50 to 100 genetic variations that associated associated with a genetic disease.

The new study, which looks in the October issue of the American Journal of Public Health, mortality from colorectal cancer according to U.S. Mortality Data files submitted between 1960 and 2005. The researchers also Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results data is used step step – specific survival. 2.7 years. Women had a 54 % reduction in deaths during the 40 – year period, black women saw only a 14 % reduction. The most striking difference, however, occurred in men with a 39 % reduction in deaths for white men, but an increase of 28 % for black men.23andMe conducted his research by a cohort of 3,426 PD cases in collaboration with Parkinson banks & Clinical Center and The Michael J. Fox Foundation The patients were mounted by a targeted mail recruitment campaign the Parkinsons institutes and to the Michael J. Fox Foundation, parkinsonian patients or other groups of and clinics. Some patients were well as recruiting person at workshops and conferences.

Further disease-specific Towns and research efforts are planned. On. Jane E. Rubinstein 23andMe Inc.. We believe Inc paper shows the potential our approach of combining genetic More Information with web-based data about certain of Service gaining new scientific make discoveries, said CEO and President of Anne Wojcicki 23andMe. It is extremely rewarding that 23andMe was a substantial contribution to Parkinsons research taken thanks to our new web-based approach to research. This approach has the potential to to be used in many others conditions.

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