The randomized phase III study of 353 patients, not grow their primary tumors, but had to the brain spread, spawning involved a limited number of brain tumors or metastases. They all have either surgery, the tumor cut out of the brain or radiosurgery, a form of targeted radiotherapy performed instead of conventional surgery when it ‘s not safe either, the tumor. Or to remove the tumor is small enough to avoid surgery half received whole-brain radiotherapy after, while the rest is not.

In the largest study of the issue date, scientists reported at the largest cancer Europe congress ECCO 15 – ESMO 34[1], in Berlin , while the technology has evolved over the length of time before the cancer worse and reduce the risk of brain death, do they prolong overall survival or the length of time that the patients were able to remain in critical functions such as walking, eating and thinking independently.The Board accepted with a proposal of the Executive Director, staff reinforcement with a with to the heavy workload, meet the result from the implementation of the new EU Paediatric law The provider is now expecting essential view more applications as initial for PIPs and exemptions on 20 June 2007, when Application Details may submit restarted, and of the beginning of 2008, predicts receive. ‘s workload about 50 percent could reach 70 percent the earlier estimate, and displays have the effect of the new legislation on the EMEA..

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