The researchers found both drugs to be equally effective. They found no difference between the two drugs in terms of treatment failure and the time the fever the fever. However, the side effects, including anorexia, nausea, diarrhea and nausea, being significantly worse in patients treated with chloramphenicol.

New antibiotic for treating typhoid in low-income countries Recommended Following Clinical TrialA large clinical trial comparing treatments for typhoid has recommended the use of gatifloxacin, a new generation and affordable antibiotic. The results of the study in Kathmandu , funded by the Wellcome Trust and the Li Ka Shing Foundation, are published in the Lancet Infectious Diseases. Typhoid – also is known as ‘enteric fever ‘known – is marked by high fever and diarrhea. It is transmitted by ingesting contaminated food or drinks by the faeces or urine of infected people. It causes an estimated 26 million infections per year and over 200,000 deaths and the number of cases is particularly high in parts of South Asia.Principal Investigators Dr. Michal Toborek said level protective effect motion to the integrity of the blood -brain barrier according to the human equivalent of one gram of methamphetamines was surprisingly actually the research team.

Dr. Michal can be the disorder of the blood – brain barrier, in a dose of a dose of methamphetamine use comparable to the difficult meth readers – cise protects against damage caused leakage In The Blood Brain Barrier Following methamphetamine .

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