The researchers used data from a population-based, longitudinal twin study of behavioral development and health – risk factors from Finland . They analyzed the association between friendship characteristics and alcohol use, testing for interaction with gender and gender relations of friends hair loss proscar . They also used the twin structure of the data to which extent similar drinking behavior between adolescents and their friends had common genetic and common genetic and / or environmental pathways. – Our results indicate that girls may be more susceptible to drink their friends, said Dick, and that, with the opposite sex friends who drink also with increased alcohol consumption are for both sexes is also recommended genetic analysis. That the correlation between adolescents / friend drinking water is mainly due to common environmental effects of gender. This suggests that the relationship between an adolescent alcohol and his colleagues not only a reflection of genetic influences on the adolescent ‘s own alcohol use, cause they drink to select their peers. Researchers recommend a number of changes in the training of behavioral health care. Knowledge and values care includes not only the provision of appropriate Spanish-language services, but also educational and employment opportunities for youth and families – even those lacking legal residency status. In addition, the state and local governments consider mechanisms to promote training, rental and licensing of local behavioral health professionals the cultural background the cultural background the communities in which they operate. – can prove training, be confirmed as the various experiences, knowledge and values, not only, but appreciated appreciated, said Dr. Gilbert A. Quintero, another researcher of the study. .

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