The International Drug Policy Consortium is a global network of national and international NGOs in in issues of legal and illegal drug use DrugScope is a founding member of the Consortium can be found here: erektil dysfunktion utredning . There you can also download the ICDP the full answer to the INCB report.

INCBScope: UN drug experts have to condemn human rights abusesDrugScope, the UK’s leading drug information charity has responded the launch of the latest annual report of the United Nations International Narcotics Control Board . DrugScope welcomes the INCB requirement of proportionality in the enforcement of drug laws in the world, but is of the opinion that the the INCB much more perpetuated perpetuated the many human rights violations in the so-called war on drugs .

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The claim is based on a Shorthand the New Drug Application by Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, the approval to manufacture and market a generic version of that Truvada been before the expiry of the two emtricitabine patent investigated.

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