Government ‘s commitment to strengthen its partnership with African countries, expressing optimism in the continent’s long-term potential for growth and development, VOA News reports. On the occasion of of the African Growth and Opportunity Act Forum in Nairobi, their of their 11-day trip to Africa, Clinton also stressed to the delegates that economic progress directly to good governance bound. Reuters reports that President Obama in a video phone message said after Clinton said: Only Africans can develop Africa’s potential to all Africans, pursuing a future of hope and opportunity are, know this: you have a partner and a friend in the United States, he -Presse-Presse writes ..

‘the current political debate hung up on different ways to get people to pay for their care in the future. But new financing new financing statement must of necessity more nurses and train them better, so that our older people with the dignity and security they deserve, life ‘.The two sides agree on a number of items: researchers should be be free to patented new drugs, new treatments, tools and even specific DNA sequencing method. And both of countries agree that a patent right prohibits the patenting of natural and phenomenal laws of nature, this assertion and. – permitted invented by man and patenting patenting something that is occur in nature.

After ACLU press statement, both sides of agree also that DNA be in the body, a product of nature and should not be patented. But at that point they member Business: the accused claim that ‘isolation ‘which BRCA genes from the rest of the DNA , you power of patentable. Sources: the ACLU, Discover Magazine.Posted by: Catharine the paddock.

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