Clinical trial participants may not be as unrepresentative of general clinical populations normally reported It is suggested that the results of clinical trials are affected by the actual fact that the individuals who volunteer for a trial are more likely to take their medicine effectively than those in regular treatment read article . This supposition is, nevertheless, strongly refuted in the total results of a new study revealed at the British Pharmaceutical Conference in Manchester.

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Closure of holes in heart important treatment for youthful stroke patients Placement of devices to close holes in the heart is an effective treatment for small stroke patients, finds a report involving three medical centers. No major complications were reported from the 45 patients contained in the scholarly study, leading doctors to determine that closure of patent foramen ovales and atrial septal defects with transcatheter gadgets is a safe medical alternative for children and young adults who have had a stroke. Many patients who underwent gadget closure procedures for ASDs or PFOs remained symptom-free weeks afterward.

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