The disease is a seriously and disabling to devastating disease that progressively damages and destroys a person to think about the memory, vision and ability to move and function freely and independently. Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease is a . From a variety of transmissible spongiform encephalopathies Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease is incurable and is eventually fatal.

It causes a build – and malformations of prions in the brain cells ultimately leading to brain damage and death. There is still no cure, but the doctors feel they make some progress in extending the life of those suffering from this disease.

The problem of the post-operative bleedings is important to to the researchers, since patients who are suffer from of these episodes from increase prices of additional medical problems and even death have. Moreover, the rate of postoperative bleeding to decrease have important implications for Health, they went on since an estimated 20 % of nation blood supply of is used for treat these patients.

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