We could not have made it without the local residents, Sen said. These guys ran a tight ship. Everyone worked hard, but they were very impressive. Despite long hours of treatment of patients of reports on Twitter and displayed his sense of humor in the midst of chaos. Upon arrival in Haiti on 27 triaging triaging patients, he tweeted: Dinner of champions Macaroni, Hamburger Helper and Guinness! .

Some of his tweets as a group prepared to return home, Sen the Haitians the Haitians gratitude the Approved translator us were so grateful, he said tweeted on 6 that without our help, they need to see how its people are suffering, not to help them. ... Our research shows that CTCF and BORIS direct regulating expression of genes in alveoli RB2/p130 says Marcella Macaluso , one of the study authors. We have observed that small lung cancer cell RB2/p130 shows low to in non-small cell lung cancer cells is overexpressed as compared to normal lung cells. But until now there has been insufficient and contradictory information, that has do not allow connect to connect precisely the deregulated expression of RB2/p130 for lung cancer cells the genetic mutation of this gene. This study ultimately known to, the mechanisms and players controlling RB2/p130 expressed, and this knowledge who the huge potential for in understanding for understanding that proliferating proliferative and antiproliferative signals are RB2/p130.

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