Spaces. In the roomA person’s mere presence in a room can be 37 million bacteria into the air per hour added – material largely behind by previous occupants left and touched the ground – by according to new research Yale University engineers. ‘We live in this microbial soup, and a great part of our own micro-organisms,’said Jordan Peccia, associate professor of environmental engineering at Yale and the principal investigator of the study, recently published online in the journal Indoor Air, ‘Most people Resuspend what are preloaded. Soil dust emerges as the main source of the bacteria that we breathe. ‘.

However, understanding the content and dynamics of internal biological aerosols is useful for the development of new ways to improve air quality, if necessary, he said. ‘Have all these diseases we get, we get inside,’he said, adding that Americans spend more than 90 % their time inside.Can Take to the receptacle recording telephone counseling where possible, where possible, where it affected may to prove GPs to was full of and sufficiently offer advice, says MDDUS.

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