Our study showed that statins with a decrease in the rate of death for cases with laboratory-confirmed influenza, hospital, when adjusted for age, researchers havease, chronic lung disease, kidney disease, influenza vaccine were associated maintenance and initiation of antivirals within 48 hours of admission. .

Influenza is usually treated of initially of vaccine for infections from occurring in the first place, and when the patient is suffering, by default antivirals. Sun received Tamiflu by Roche a lot of media attention during the 2009 swine flu pandemic.Experts say are racially determined differences has long been recognized for into the real risk factors condition the condition, with African-Americans diagnosis almost twice as many with diabetic and over one third as often have high blood pressure than Caucasian there are Americans. But researchers have only now that the exact role racial in comparison with other risk factors, including socio-economic factors, gender, smoking, family and other health problems, as well diabetes and hypertension compressed played within is determined.

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