Scientists Closer To Finding care for life – threatening genetic diseasescientists at Royal Holloway, University of London reported encouraging results in a new gene-based therapy for Duchenne muscular dystrophy , which is currently no known cure and acts in 3,000 boys.

Whenever there is a human being in the plague, the Department of Health takes several ensure the safety ensure the safety of the immediate family, neighbors, and the health care provider. We inform neighbors door – to-door about plague found in the area and educate them on reducing their risks. We persons persons in the vicinity of the patient been exposed to the plague , and recommend preventative treatment, if needed. .The through funding by funding by National Science Foundation. NL Manakov and T. Sarantseva from Voronezh State University and Emelin M. And M. Ryabikin which Russian Academy of Sciences – possible to.

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