A group of over 150 AIDS Mexican lawyers and activists held a passionate protest and advocacy march yesterday in Mexico City to demand that Mexico Secretary of Health national emergency national emergency for HIV / AIDS by the steep costs and the limited availability of lifesaving antiretroviral drugs throughout Mexico aricept 23mg . AIDS Healthcare Foundation the largest US-based AIDS group and operator of free AIDS treatment clinics in the U.S., Asia and Latin America / Caribbean – including three free clinics in Mexico joined the broad coalition of over 60 groups and non-governmental organizations in the ‘Coalition of activists for Universal Access ‘, which led the march and protest.

The Street Brigade to support the women Elisa Martinez ‘ AC is participate in the Activist Coalition for Universal Access, because its members are convinced that an individual’s health should not be treated as a commodity and the government should not play the role of managers of transnational pharmaceuticals by maximizing their profits based on patent protection, information a certain death sentence for people with HIV and AIDS who are not ‘ entitled’ to antiretroviral treatment because of insufficient economic resources, said Jaime Montejo, coordinator of the independent news agency Noti – Calle. humanitarian solution to this situation is the hands of the Mexican political class, declared a public health emergency of HIV / AIDS to providing universal access to antiretroviral drugs, viral load testing, CD4 cell counts, HIV genotype studies, HIV guarantee / AIDS tests , treatment of opportunistic diseases, condoms, water -based lubricants, information, correct and non-discriminatory treatment. In the short term a declaration of national emergency would facilitate the conditions so that people could get HIV or AIDS testing and treatment change so universal access to antiretroviral drugs in a sustainable HIV prevention strategy.

Dual house legislature assistant said house version invoice give States shall a choice whether in their in their SCHIP Programme however it is not clear. Whether a lifting of the ban be involved in a Senate release prepare by Senate Finance Committee Chair Max Baucus . According to the Wall Street Journal Baucus is said he wants repeal the ban, but it is unclear it a waiver the invoice him presented to to the Finance Committee . As of Monday, Baucus was contain the provision . To the Baucus release will be the in the Finance Committee that week. With a voting ‘soon as according ‘, according to the Journal Several Republic senators say at a meeting last week concern over the removal of the ban, however, that it cause them to are voting against the law, by human with the issue. However, wrote Finance Committee ranking member Chuck Grassley , of the prohibition of the ban, the addition of that of determine the final account , it would be ‘recent final passage of many Republicans. ‘According to the magazine, several Republican lawmakers already against SCHIP bill regardless the ban (Wall Street Journal.

American Public Media ‘Marketplace’on Friday also talked about the meeting of , the report includes comments from American University Professor of Politics James Thurber and. House Ways and Means Committee senior member David Camp (Marshall Genzer, ‘Marketplace,’American Public Media, Reprinted with kind permission from you the entire Kaiser Daily Health policy coverage displaying looking for and, or sign up for. Email with an in emperors Daily Health policy coverage has to Emperor network is a free service of The Henry J. Kaiser Family publish Foundation.

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