With genetic experiments in mice, were Dr. Ingram and his team able of of cardiovascular problems the inflammatory cells delivered to the site of the damaged blood vessel to exclude potential effects of NF1 gene mutations in blood vessel muscle cells and the cells. The interior of blood vessels they compared from a small group from a small group of human patients with and without NF1 mutation and found that the neurofibromatosis patients with significant levels of inflammatory cells and other compounds that had to for for cardiovascular disease.

The IU researchers , in collaboration with Dr. Friedman in Vancouver a clinical pilot study a pilot clinical trial to discover potential diagnostic tests, including blood pressure measurements and ultrasound examinations of the carotid arteries, doctors physicians and treat neurofibromatosis patients may evaluate that are heart and circulatory problems. We think if we did this association with vascular effects and the it them we can verify go to an intervention clinical trials statins have anti-inflammatory effects and there are other means possibly be used possibly be used ..These errors are often missed if to speak on health care policy experts about a change in our current system.

The second flaw regards to why we have health insurance. The lasting principle of health insurance is is a risk on poor and unexpected events, with no without assurance share.

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