Also also ‘proud’of have a female CEO and women on the board, according to Reuters (Waas, Reuters.. Sebelius asked WellPoint ‘immediately cease these practices and abandon[ his] efforts to health of patients who need it most to withdraw. ‘that breast cancer that breast cancer ‘is the second most common common cancer in women ‘and ‘millions of families affected ‘. The Reuters article profiles several women with breast cancer whose policies have been after their diagnosis but shortly before the scheduled treatment, women’s health,ng health conditions and poorer outcomes. According to Reuters, ‘stands in stark contrast ‘the policy of the target group of women with breast cancer to the public image WellPoint craft for themselves. WellPoint CEO Angela Braly positive publicity positive publicity for her strong interest in women’s health, and the company has worked mammography mammography in at-risk women and ‘funded groundbreaking studies on the differences in the quality of health care of minority women ‘reports the Reuters news agency.

An audit of Anthem Blue Cross, a WellPoint subsidiary, the California Department of Managed Health Care found that the insurer also automatically initiated reviews for pregnant women.. Targets Breast Cancer Patients, Pregnant For cancellationsIn 2009 granted WellPoint representatives during a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing that the company will start a claim attachment, if a policyholder is diagnosed with breast cancer and certain other conditions.Participant Medical implementing a variety of initiatives , including the increased use of bone densitometry and anti-osteoporosis drugs by osteoporosis form and home health programs and standardize guidance for osteoporosis management. The complete article is at.

It is possible to obtain at least a 25-% reduction of the hip fracture installment in the U.S., In If an active role in all orthopedic removed surgeons surgeons osteoporosis disease management will it is it, we managed. ‘.. More than 625,000 program reduction hip fracture up 37 %, Kaiser Permanente Southern California Study Finds.

The five-year study by Richard M. An orthopedic surgeon at Kaiser Permanente Bell Flower Medical Center introduced pursuing more than 625,000 males and females over the age of 50 in the Southern California, to specific risk factors for needed to osteoporosis and / or hip fractures.

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