Finally, work performed by Robert Davey, in a BSL-4 lab at University of Texas Medical Branch confirmed that the ARD5 blocked antibodies infection by infectious Zaire Ebola Virus in cells that express the TIM – 1 protein.

It is clear because because other receptors for Ebola found during TIM-1 in a number of epithelial cells in the body, it is not found on a number of important types of cells that were infected by Ebola, Maury said. David Meyer, epithelial cells are not so important, a target for the virus according to a number of other cell types, but they first first entry point for Ebola, so that it has a line, Ebola allows access to these other cells within the body. .. Importantly, the study found that TIM-1 protein is not all cell types infected by infected by Ebola and Marburg.Question: If I are that again to a thoracic radiotherapy, I can ever about that breasts region or my breast?

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