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Diabetes do not live and breathe in an endocrinologist office or a medical practice, it lives and breathes in the community, and what are the communities? You know, we do work in urban areas in African-American high-risk urban settings, we do a lot of work to open little mini – clinics in rural areas who have no access to diabetes educators, or don ‘t have access to an endocrinologist. We see models of care that can be built not only built not only built, but what , a sustainable manner, if so let these communities with our research, if we take, that these communities are able to obtain these models. I think there are a lot of novel approaches to diabetes and but to think outside the box, but thinking outside the box, we have to show collect gathering that what we done work outside this box.

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Pat your skin dry: rubbing or wiping your skin. Instead, they let wet by light tapping or blot your hand towel.

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