Zusammengenommen Deuten Eine zunehmende Anzahl von Studien, dass.The CSM also told the doctors that there was no correlation between higher doses and more effective treatment for depression.Physicians should not increase your dose, not to work if the medicine All this will doctors said. All this will do is to increase the risk of side effects. They also pointed out that patients should now be on a higher dose have her treatment the next time they see their doctor.

Patients should not stop their treatment suddenly, they said. Professor Gordon Duff , said: ‘The CSM has issued this important reminder after a reanalysis of the available data and new evidence is, whether the new patients higher than recommended higher than recommended dose of patients affected. Should should their doctor Under no circumstances should medication be stopped suddenly as this can lead to side effects ‘.Reference:over AcroMetrixAcroMetrix, with means in Benicia, California and Alkmaar, Netherlands, offers a comprehensive line of molecular diagnostic quality control items, laboratories in the performance of current government is supporting measures in relation to quality. AcroMetrix runs this leading role by consistently develop innovative standards, external Subsequent verification , and validation of kits for molecular and serology into blood screening and clinical diagnostic laboratories. For more information about AcroMetrix and similar products.

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